2012 High School Winner: Covington High School

Covington High School has increased its college-going rate by 10 percentage points between 2009 and 2010. The school also has a three-year (2010-2012) TVAAS average of 50.7 in algebra I, meaning the school is helping its students make tremendous gains in that subject.

2012 High School Nominees

Fayette-Ware Comprehensive High School, Fayette County Schools

Part of rural Fayette County Schools, Fayette-Ware Comprehensive High School serves 879 ninth through 12th grade students. The high school has narrowed the achievement gap between economically disadvantaged and non-economically disadvantaged students by 23 percentage points in English II and 21.3 percentage points in Algebra I between 2010 and 2012.

Ravenwood High School, Williamson County Schools

Ravenwood High School serves 1,852 ninth through 12th grade students in Williamson County. The school has a three-year (2010-2012) value-added growth average of 24.2 in algebra I, meaning the school is helping its students make tremendous gains in that subject. The school has a 73 percent pass rate on Advanced Placement exams and an 86 percent college-going rate.

2012 SCORE Prize Finalists

Representatives from our 2012 SCORE Prize finalist schools participated in a panel discussion at the 2012 Tennessee Educational LEADership Conference. Linda Irwin with the Niswonger Foundation moderated a discussion among Principal Peggy Murdock and Algebra I teacher from Covington high School, Principal Jennifer Donald and Instructional Facilitator Towanda Maclin-Brown from Fayette-Ware Comprehensive High School, as well as Principal Pam Vaden and Chemistry Teacher Amy Maffei from Ravenwood High School about best practices from their school that led them to success in improving student achievement.

All data correct as of the year the schools were identified as SCORE Prize finalists.

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