This blog was first published by ExcelinEd, a nonprofit organization founded by former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush that supports state leaders in transforming education to unlock opportunity and lifelong success for each and every child.

Building a strong, interconnected set of policies is essential to ensuring learners have on and off ramps for their educational to career journeys. Earlier this year, SCORE served on ExcelinEd’s Advisory Committee for Pathways Matter, a resource that outlines a continuum of 20 key policies that policymakers and systems leaders can use to think about what education to workforce policies exist in their state and what policies are necessary to create a robust learner continuum for all students.

While we have made progress in Tennessee, we continue to see a gap in ensuring the successful transition, persistence and eventual degree completion for too many high school graduates as they move into our community and technical colleges and four-year colleges and universities.

To address these challenges, SCORE is focused on the following policies that can help our state connect across the pathways matter continuum, think strategically on how to leverage existing policies and address gaps simultaneously across the continuum, building a web of supports:

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Adriana Harrington is policy director, innovation, at ExcelinEd. Teresa Wasson is strategic communications director at SCORE.

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