Educator Spotlight

  • Clare Lundy

    English III and Cambridge Literature, McGavock High School, Metro Nashville Public Schools
    When it comes to a new strategy to improve student learning, teacher Clare Lundy has two words: “Hello, technology!” She’s used technology to give students an organized online space to...
  • Jennifer Moore

    Third grade, Gordon Achievement Academy, Shelby County Schools
    Jennifer Moore expects great things from her third-grade students. “My students know that no matter what their current academic or social level may be, I require them to exceed beyond...
  • Meagan England

    Reading intervention, Forge Ridge School, Claiborne County Schools
    Claiborne County teacher Meagan England transitioned from an English language arts teacher to a reading interventionist, an entirely new position for her in education. Many teachers might have seen this...
  • Stacy Jones

    English, McNairy Central High School, McNairy County Schools
    Stacy Jones remembers what it was like when she first realized she was passionate about English.
  • Lindsey Hagan

    Assistant Principal, Wallace A. Smith Elementary, Hamilton County Schools
    For Lindsey Hagan, there are many ways to raise student achievement. “If we all integrate and collaborate to grow children emotionally, behaviorally, and academically - I believe students will go further in life,” she says.
  • Martha Shaffer

    Air Force JROTC, Maplewood High School, Metro Nashville Public Schools
    Colonel Shaffer’s path in education has been shaped by her own experiences. She remembers how much her community gave to allow her to become a successful United States Air Force officer, and she teaches ROTC with the goal of supporting her students to a bright future. JROTC gives students “tools that help them become productive citizens,” she explains.
  • Leticia Skae

    English, Martin Luther King Jr. Magnet School, Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools
    How does Leticia Skae ensure a wonderful educational experience for every student? Careful planning, accountability through data, and collaboration with other teachers.
  • Dana Casey

    English language arts, Highland Elementary, Lincoln County Schools
    Dana Casey loves the challenge of teaching students something new. “A student saying ‘This is the first time I’ve ever understood this concept,” she says, “is the most rewarding feeling.”
  • Brad Gentry

    Robotics and pre-engineering, Greene Technology Center, Greeneville City Schools
    Pre-engineering and robotics. Two subjects that cause intellectual cowering among even some of the highly-educated. But in Brad Gentry’s classroom, these two notoriously difficult subjects are accessible and, he argues, important for success.
  • Amanda Nixon

    Fifth grade, Riverwood Elementary School, Shelby County Schools
    Most of Amanda Nixon’s students enter her class either loving or hating math. Those who hate math are students who typically say that they just don’t get it. But Ms. Nixon has a solution for them – or rather, many solutions.
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