Bonnie Lowery

Sixth-grade science teacher, Coulter Grove Intermediate School, Maryville Schools

“The greatest lesson from science is that of the scientific method,” says Bonnie Lowery, a Maryville middle school science teacher.

In her classroom, she highlights the scientific method – not just because it is part of Tennessee’s science standards but because it lays out how to solve problems and how to generate knowledge, through observing, hypothesizing, testing, and analyzing. The scientific method is continuous learning and critical thinking wrapped up in one.

Continuous learning is also a good way to describe Ms. Lowery’s classroom. Her students are actively engaged in learning science – conducting experiments, dissecting animals, launching hot air balloons, and recording their results.

Ms. Lowery is energetic and passionate about teaching science and eager to try new strategies in class. This year, that strategy is one-to-one technology. Since all her students have iPads or laptops, she works to use technology as a tool for collaboration, not just between students in her classroom, but also with the scientific community around the globe.

The combination of the technology strategy and hands-on experiments allows her students to take charge of their learning and see beyond the walls of the classroom. And that’s why Ms. Lowery is passionate about her job. She has the chance to give her students the tools to realize their potential.

Bio: Bonnie Lowery has been a teacher for 16 years, since she transitioned to education after a career in business. She holds Master of Education Administration, Master of Science, and Bachelor of Science degrees. As a licensed pilot, scuba diver, and equestrian, Lowery challenges her beloved science students to be explorers and life-long learners. You can follow her on Twitter at @LoweryScience.

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