Meagan England

Reading intervention, Forge Ridge School, Claiborne County Schools

Claiborne County teacher Meagan England transitioned from an English language arts teacher to a reading interventionist, an entirely new position for her in education.

Many teachers might have seen this as a point of frustration, but for Ms. England, this was a growth experience.

“I jumped in with both feet by putting myself out there for failure.” She says, “I read a lot of books, found a mentor, and wasn’t afraid to make mistakes.”

Her hard work paid off. She has mastered new skills and now is helping students read in a different way.

“I have grown because I didn’t stay where I was comfortable.” Ms. England says.

And she’s developed a passion for this type of work because of the impact it has on her students’ future.

As reading interventionists, she explains, “we do what is best for all students in our school, regardless of their circumstances. We rise to the challenge of providing what each student needs to be successful.”

Now, through her work as a reading interventionist, she can also closely see when students are growing and achieving their goals. That is what pulls Ms. England toward this work.

“My favorite memories of teaching,” she says, “are seeing a student succeed after working to reach their goal.”

Bio: Meagan England has been a teacher since 2007. She graduated from East Tennessee State University with a B.S. in elementary education and earned an M.S. in educational administration and supervision and an Ed. S. in curriculum and instruction from Lincoln Memorial University. She is currently a doctoral candidate at Lincoln Memorial University. Outside of teaching, she enjoys spending time with her family and hiking. Find her on Twitter at @oodlesofteach.

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