Stacy Jones

English, McNairy Central High School, McNairy County Schools

Stacy Jones remembers what it was like when she first realized she was passionate about English.

“I remember how invigorated I felt sitting in my 10th-grade high school English classroom, reading poetry that moved me or fiction that allowed me to empathize with the characters,” she recalls.

That class developed her love of reading – and her passion for teaching.

“I began yearning to be able to bring those worlds to other students,” Ms. Jones says.

To help her students become more independent, Ms. Jones has been working on giving up control of her classroom. She wants her students to be self-directed learners, so she assigns projects – but her role is one of a facilitator, asking questions, instead of just providing answers to her students.

Ultimately, she wants to give her students learning that is crucial to their future.

“The mastery of English is crucial in my students’ lives.” Ms. Jones says, “They will need to be able to read and write at high levels in order to succeed in college, and they must be able to communicate well as they move forward into a career.”

Bio: Stacy Jones began teaching in 2003. She received her master’s in English from the University of Memphis. Outside of teaching, she enjoys traveling, writing newspaper columns, and listening to blues and jazz. Find her on Twitter at @stacyjonestned.


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