Dear Friends,

There is a great dedication among Tennessee teachers to their students and their profession. The Tennessee Educator Fellowship is a way for them to channel that dedication into advocacy on behalf of student-centered policies and practices.

Ed Fellows DOH2Applications are now being accepted for the 2016-17 cohort, and I have been thinking about some insight into the importance of the Fellowship that comes from 2014-15 Fellow Kayleigh Wettstein, an elementary teacher in Metro Nashville Public Schools. “I needed to model for [my students] what it was like to step up and talk, not just for myself, not just for my kids, but for kids all over the state,” she said. This attitude of leadership in service of students is exemplified by each Educator Fellow.

Or, as 2015-16 Fellow Angela Staples says, “I made time for the Fellowship because our students need their teachers to speak up for them.”

At SCORE we believe that empowering educators like Kayleigh, Angela, and the other 46 Tennessee Educator Fellows creates a strong pillar to support greater student achievement. As the Fellowship enters its third year, we are pleased to announce that we are expanding the program so more teachers can participate.

During the one-year Fellowship, a diverse group of educators from around the state learn about, reflect upon, and inform the policies, practices, and systems that affect student achievement and educator effectiveness. They also serve as liaisons between their colleagues, their communities, policymakers, and advocates as Tennessee continues the work of improving educational outcomes for all students.

The Tennessee Educator Fellows do amazing things. They have advocated for high standards in Tennessee, partnered with local community members to create workforce-like opportunities for students, raised awareness about the needs of English language learners, and created educator networks to elevate the teaching profession. These are just a few of the projects our Fellows have taken on.

If you are a teacher with three or more years of experience who is committed to raising student achievement in Tennessee and looking for a way to get more involved, I urge you to look at the Tennessee Educator Fellowship. If you know a teacher who would benefit from this opportunity, please send them to the Tennessee Educator Fellowship website.
The Fellowship gives teachers a chance to add their from-the-classroom perspective to the conversation about how best to help our students graduate prepared for postsecondary education and the workforce. The contributions from the Tennessee Educator Fellows will be benefiting our state and students far into the future.

Very truly yours,

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