Dear Friends,

Back to school is a time filled with excitement and hope because the start of a new school year gives every student, teacher, principal, and superintendent a fresh beginning. Back to school is naturally a time to think of great things yet to come, but it also is a good time to remember the accomplishments that have prepared the way for the achievements that lie ahead.

This year, SCORE is joining education partners across the state to celebrate the amazing progress that has been made in our public schools. We want to cheer on the hard work by educators, community leaders, parents, and students that has made Tennessee the fastest-improving state for student achievement.

Time2ActTN Infographic 300x250Our success proves that now is not the time to stop or turn back on strategies that are working for Tennessee students. Now is the time build on the momentum and take our students to new heights. That’s why SCORE is supporting the #Time2ActTN campaign, and here is how you can help.

Across Tennessee, there is a growing commitment to support our students and teachers so we can surpass the recent impressive education milestones and move Tennessee students into the top half of the nation in education, and even higher in the years to come.

The #Time2ActTN campaign is reminding Tennesseans of how far we’ve come in a very short time. Tennessee has jumped from 46th to 37th among all states in math. Tennessee has improved from 41st to 31st in the nation in reading.

Of course, we know we’ve got more work to do for our students, so #Time2ActTN is also about reminding Tennesseans of how we made this phenomenal progress. Just as mastering multiplication is built on understanding addition and subtraction, delivering greater success to our students should build upon the policies and practices we have seen work – high expectations, great teaching, strong leadership.

Please add your voice to create a chorus across Tennessee that says it’s #Time2ActTN and follow this student-focused movement on Facebook and Twitter. Through #Time2ActTN, we can work together to ensure all Tennessee students will be ready for success after high school – in college, in the workplace, and in life.

Yours very truly,

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