One of the most exciting things about our work at SCORE is celebrating success in Tennessee schools and school districts. One of the most important parts of recognizing success includes sharing what works in improving student achievement with other schools and districts across the state.

SCORE has just released Pathways to the Prize, two guidebooks that highlight the work of the 2012 SCORE Prize winners.  These guidebooks include discussion questions educators can use to examine and improve their own practices and QR codes that link to videos and school artifacts. They are designed to be an easy-to-use tool to help educators support students in making learning gains.

The SCORE Prize winners exemplify the best ways to advance the four pillars that drive student success: embracing high standards, cultivating strong leaders, ensuring excellent teaching, and using data to enhance student learning. Some specifics:

  • At John Sevier Elementary in Maryville, Principal Rick Wilson and Assistant Principal Ginny Boles are consistent and supportive leaders, visiting classes daily and providing support for all teachers.
  • At Rose Park Math and Science Magnet Middle School in Nashville, no student is allowed to fall behind. There is an hour set aside each day to ensure that students have the help they need to master learning objectives, and that students already mastering the material continue to challenge themselves.
  • At Covington High School, educators are adamant in their belief that all students can achieve whatever they set out to do. To help students reach new goals, Principal Peggy Murdock has fostered a data driven culture in which all students are pushed to exceed their projections.
  • Hamblen County Schools sets high expectations for all educators and students and does not let other factors – financial, demographic, or otherwise – stand in the way of preparing students for success after high school. As one example, the district has leveraged technology to expand student access to more rigorous coursework.

You can view and download copies of Pathways to Prize at If you would like free copies of these materials, please reach out to the SCORE team at

And you can hear more from the winners and ask them questions about how they have helped their students make improvements during a virtual convening on June 5. Registration is now open for that free webinar here:

The 2012 SCORE Prize winners exemplify something that we at SCORE believe strongly: When we expect more, our students achieve more.