Strong Leadership

School and district leaders play a crucial role in setting students on a pathway to success. They are responsible for setting the goals and expectations around which their communities organize their work, recruiting and retaining highly effective teachers, providing meaningful feedback to teachers on their instruction, and building internal pipelines of future instructional leaders. Over the last few years, the responsibilities of school and district leaders have increased significantly as Tennessee has taken steps to transform its public education system. Tennessee has committed to a bold plan to ensure that all students graduate from high school prepared for college and the workforce. As a result of this work, in 2012 Tennessee’s students made the most academic progress in state history and in 2013 Tennessee became the fastest improving state for academic achievement.

To ensure that the progress the state has experience is sustained and accelerated, we must enhance our concept of leadership and ensure that Tennessee’s leaders are equipped with the resources and supports they need to rise to new challenges.

Leading Tennesseee To The Top: 2013 Leadership Summit

SCORE sponsored the Leadership Summit on August 21-22, 2013 at the Music City Center in Nashville. The summit, attended by more than 600 people, worked to:

  • Highlight best practices and strategies in key areas of Tennessee’s efforts to dramatically advance student learning.
  • Provide leaders with an opportunity to work with other education leaders from throughout Tennessee and the nation that will inform work in their own community.
  • Inspire leaders to remain committed to Tennessee’s work to prepare all students for success in college and workforce.

Leadership Summit 2013 Breakout Sessions

Leadership Summit brought together superintendents, principals, and teacher leaders from across Tennessee to hear from experts and each other about cultivating strong leadership, supporting effective teaching, embracing high standards, and using data and technology to enhance student learning. Here are videos from five of the summit’s 21 breakout sessions.

Cultivating Strong District and School Leaders: Building a Culture of Feedback
Ensuring Effective Teaching: Supporting and Retaining Effective Teachers
Embracing High Standards: Supporting Diverse Learners Through the Common Core
Embracing High Standards: Implementation Strategies for Common Core
Using Data and Technology to Enhance Student Learning: Using Data to Enhance Student Learning