Economic development in Tennessee has increased career opportunities, but we need to ensure students are earning degrees and credentials that prepare them for those jobs and enable them to benefit from this economic opportunity. This report offers a vision for measuring what success looks like for Tennessee students entering the workforce.

Building a Vision of Opportunity for All Tennesseans: Measuring Credential and Degree Outcomes

Tennessee needs a clear set of expectations for outcomes that set students up to succeed when they enter the workforce. SCORE engaged with education leaders, industry experts, student support organizations and policymakers to understand how degrees and credentials impact student outcomes and meet Tennessee’s workforce needs. This memo includes our learnings and insights.

Key Insights  

  • We have incomplete and disjointed data relating to the outcomes students are seeing with the credentials and degrees they are earning.
  • Measuring career success metrics like earnings, job outlook, workforce turnover, regional relevance and others helps us see how a credential or degree program is preparing students for the workforce.
  • Other states have created similar frameworks we can learn from.
  • With policymakers, K-12 education, postsecondary education, student support organizations and industry partners working together, we can create a quality credentials framework that supports students to earn credentials that enable economic independence.