Things are looking a bit different here at SCORE’s online home. We recently rebuilt our website to better tell the story of what SCORE cares about and works for every day.

First and foremost, SCORE is focused on students and what is needed to help them achieve at their highest levels. So you will see many photos of Tennessee students and the educators who work with them featured on the site.

The site has been reorganized to convey SCORE’s priorities and work and demonstrate our commitment to the core values of collaboration, excellence, courage, innovation, and optimism. Prominent on the home page are callouts about the major focus of our work – Advocate For Students, Convene & Collaborate, Empower Educators, Research & Share Innovations – and a visualization of the metrics SCORE uses to track progress toward our goals for student achievement.

Because about 40 percent of the visits to come from mobile devices, our new design has prioritized a great user experience with either a vertical or horizontal screen.

Here is a quick guide to finding what you need on the site.

Are you an educator who wants to advocate for students? The Empower Educator page would be a good place to start. Our Educator Engagement team has several projects help educators be involved in meaningful ways, including the Tennessee Educator Fellowship and LIFT. You can also learn more on the Advocate For Students page.

Looking for a short but insightful read on a topic related to advancing student achievement? The SCORE blog publishes fresh posts from educators, education advocates, and the SCORE team every week. For the latest news releases and Twitter posts from SCORE, go to the News page.

Hoping to attend a SCORE event? Our Convene & Collaborate page is where we will be billboarding upcoming events open to education stakeholders.

Want to watch something about K-12 education in Tennessee? The home page features a recent video production from SCORE. Now playing: Students tell the statistics about readiness for postsecondary education and the workforce. We also have a library of videos in the SCORE Prize section and at the Excellence For All microsite. You can also find videos in some of our blogs.

Interested in the people of SCORE and our mission? The Who We Are section introduces you to the SCORE team, the board of directors and steering committee, and our goals for students.

Wondering about the research that backs our priorities for students? The Resources section offers the latest reports from SCORE as well as previous publications that still have timely information. Our annual reports about the state’s priorities and progress in advancing student achievement can be found at The State Of Education In Tennessee section.

Searching for an education policy or advocacy job? The Work At SCORE page has current job postings and information about the graduate fellow and internship programs here.

Need to stay up to date on education news of interest to Tennesseans? Sign up for our email newsletters and news releases in just a minute using a form on the home page.

Have question for us? At the Contact Us page you can send an email and find our phone number.

We want to extend thanks to those who helped us bring a reimagined website to life, our creative agency, SnapShot Interactive; our photographer, Ben Keeling; the students, school leaders, and teachers at Glenview Elementary in Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools; and students and educators at schools and districts that have been SCORE Prize winners and finalists.

Teresa Wasson is director of communications at SCORE.