Success at Mt. Carmel Elementary, a 2013 SCORE Prize finalist, starts with alignment and collaboration.

The principal works closely with technology, reading, and math coaches at the district level, bridging the gap between teachers and administrators to ensure that all are aligned in the best interest of students. Through teacher-led teams focused on everything from AR to positive behavior and integrated common planning time, educators are encouraged to try new things and push themselves and their students. Ultimately, the goal is for all students to be challenged and to experience success.

By never stopping in pursuit of identifying those students who need extra help and meeting their needs, Mt. Carmel has narrowed the TCAP achievement gap between its low-income and higher-income students in science over the past three years, in addition to posting strong TVAAS gains. By continuing to focus on setting big goals and driving relentlessly toward student success, Mt. Carmel Elementary is ensuring a brighter future for Tennessee.

Watch more about Mt. Carmel Elementary’s story in this video prepared for the 2013 SCORE Prize.