At Norman Smith Elementary, winner of the 2013 SCORE Prize for elementary schools, there is an expectation that every child can learn.

The Clarksville school serves a highly diverse community, and more than three-fourths of its students come from economically disadvantaged households. Norman Smith has narrowed the TCAP achievement gap between high-income and low-income students by 22 points in math and 16 points in reading.

Principal Beth Unfried says students respond well to high expectations when given the proper support. “We need to set them up for success, and a lot of times when a child has experienced a success they want it. We have to provide opportunities so they can succeed,” Unfried says. The message has gotten through to fifth-grader Cheyenne Douthhit, who says, “They expect you to meet every goal you set.”

Watch more of Norman Smith Elementary’s story in this video, prepared for the 2013 SCORE Prize, and read more about the school’s accomplishments.