The State Collaborative on Reforming Education (SCORE) has released the following statement from President David Mansouri about the 2016 ACT results and postsecondary readiness in Tennessee:

All Tennessee students need to be ready for postsecondary education so they have a broad range of career options and can make the most of Tennessee Promise. The 2016 ACT results show that Tennessee held steady on college readiness, with one-fifth of students meeting all four subject benchmarks, even as the national figure dropped to 26 percent. Tennessee’s first-in-the-nation program that allows seniors to retake ACT for free is a promising, sophisticated approach to producing the faster gains in college readiness that the state needs. This second chance, when coupled with academic support by districts and high schools, could give thousands of Tennessee juniors who score just a point or two below college-ready the boost they need to be prepared for postsecondary classes.