Nashville Classical Charter School began as the brainstorm of dedicated community activists and experienced urban educators. As they studied Metro Nashville’s traditional public schools, they realized that 75 percent of downtown Nashville third graders were behind in reading. Knowing that elementary literacy predicts later success, their vision was a school — free, public, and open to all children — that would achieve a different result. Today, for a diverse mix of 450 children, that vision is a reality.

SCORE President and CEO David Mansouri leads a conversation with Charlie Friedman, Head of Schools for Nashville Classical Charter School, on the growth of public charter schools in Tennessee and the impressive success of Nashville Classical.

Watch this episode and learn:

  • How Nashville Classical Charter School was formed
  • What a day in Nashville Classical Charter School looks like
  • The five pillars of the Nashville Classical Charter School model
  • How parents and family members drive the mission and services of public charter schools
  • How professional development contributes to public charter school success
  • The vision of Nashville Classical Charter School for the next 10 years and beyond