The federal Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief Fund (ESSER) provides support for school districts to carry out plans for educational recovery from the pandemic. SCORE analyzed the ESSER plans for Tennessee districts to better understand how districts are allocating these federal resources through 2024.

The SCORE Analysis

Based on a template provided by the Tennessee Department of Education to districts, the SCORE analysis categorized planned allocations into four focus areas:

  • Academics allocations aim to accelerate student achievement
  • Student Readiness allocations support all students to be successful in K-12 and beyond
  • Educators allocations focus on recruiting, retaining, and supporting high quality teachers
  • Foundations investments ensure all students have access to a safe and productive learning environment

District plans centered on using funds both to address immediate pandemic-related health and technology challenges as well as seizing this opportunity to develop innovative and sustainable academic programs that support ongoing improvements in learning and teaching.


The data in this dashboard came from publicly available district plans. Plans were sourced from district websites and Tennessee Department of Education District Information Dashboard. District plans approved by the state after December 31, 2021, may not be included in the analysis.

Sources: Enrollment and demographic data sourced from the Tennessee Department of Education for SY2020-21. Geography data sourced from National Center for Education Statistics, 2021. Per-pupil expenditure data sourced from Tennessee Comptroller of the Treasury for SY2019-20.