The application for the Tennessee Educator Fellowship is open through Tuesday, February 26. Fellows from the 2018-19 cohort share why their colleagues should apply.

“An educator should consider applying for the Tennessee Educator Fellowship because they want to stretch their limits beyond classroom instruction to do what is best for students. Whether it’s policy engagement or writing for advocacy in a newspaper, the fellowship allows you to sharpen your knowledge in education policy towards a greater student-centered purpose that is much bigger than yourself.” – Neven Holland, Shelby County Schools

“An educator should apply for the Tennessee Educator Fellowship because it will change you for the better.  Even if you think you are a decent educator, you will get better. Even if you think you are a good writer, you will get better.  Even if you think you are an excellent speaker, you will get better.  SCORE takes outstanding teachers and gives them the tools to become extraordinary. Learning to be a better advocate changes the way you teach and interact with students.  After all, research shows the biggest in-school factor to student success is the teacher.” – Maury Wood, Marshall County Schools

“I think before the fellowship I could advocate about things that I was passionate about, but it was disconnected from the systemic problems that make real change. Now I can see the systemic levers that can make the most significant impact on the learning and success of Tennessee’s students. I feel like I can be a part of the larger conversation and that together we can push things forward.” – Nathan Bailey, Sullivan County Schools

“The Tennessee Educator Fellowship is an outstanding experience to help educators learn how to use their voice in powerful ways. The knowledge that I’ve gained about the decisions made at the state level have helped me to carry out the mission of making my classroom, school, and community places that effectively put those policies into practice to ensure that all students receive the high-quality education they deserve.” – Jen Semanco, Hamilton County Schools

“The Tennessee Educator Fellowship is a well-developed and well-structured fellowship that broadens your perspective, develops your skills, and shows you how to leverage your contacts in achieving student-focused advocacy.  The diversity and varying experiences of the cohort enhances its power and effectiveness.  The Tennessee Educator Fellowship enables educators from all across the state to come together to advance and improve educational outcomes for all children.” – Monica Brown, Shelby County Schools

During a one-year term, the Tennessee Educator Fellows learn about, reflect upon, and inform the policies, practices, and systems that affect student achievement and educator effectiveness. Learn more and apply. Applications are due by 11:59 pm CST on Tuesday, February 26. If you have questions, please contact SCORE’s Educator Engagement Associate, Leigh Cooksey, at

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