• The Big Payback: Donate To SCORE To Support The SCORE Prize And Celebrate Schools Improving Outcomes For Students

    April 27th, 2018 by

    For the first time, the State Collaborative on Reforming Education (SCORE) will participate in The Big Payback, an annual day of giving to nonprofits based in Middle Tennessee, to support more community engagement in the SCORE Prize. The SCORE Prize identifies and honors the Tennessee public schools and school districts that are rising to the challenge of improving student achievement and student outcomes.

  • New Brief Adds To The Conversation On Teacher Growth

    April 24th, 2018 by

    Tennessee has been a national leader in supporting efforts to ensure all students are taught by a highly effective teacher. While the narrative traditionally assumes teacher effectiveness is a fixed characteristic, emerging research demonstrates that Tennessee’s efforts to improve the effectiveness of teachers across the continuum, including those already working in our classrooms, is paying dividends.

  • A Principal’s Perspective: Educator Feedback Is Crucial

    April 13th, 2018 by

    As educators in the state of Tennessee, it is our professional responsibility to share researched-based best practices, have a growth mindset, and make every decision that will be in the best interest of our students. Right now, we have been empowered through the Tennessee Education Research Alliance (TERA) and the Tennessee Department of Education to share the current educational experiences in our schools.

  • Making An Impact At Every Level

    April 12th, 2018 by

    When students apply for college, internships, or jobs, we are always asked to talk about our experiences in leadership and the impact that we’ve had in various areas of our lives. It often feels as though our stories are not quite big enough, our leadership level not high enough, our impact not far reaching enough. It’s easy to feel like there is always more you could be doing. These ideas became most clear to me when I first started to realize that I was destined to work in education.

  • Lessons From NAEP: Keep What Has Worked, Innovate, And Implement Well To Advance

    April 10th, 2018 by

    Tennessee has maintained most of the previous academic gains on the Nation’s Report Card  with a new group of students and remains among the states that have made the most progress over the past 10 years. Performance is not yet at the high levels Tennesseans want for our students, however. As Tennessee enters a crucial time of leadership transition across state government, the performance highlights the significance of recommendations SCORE made last year in Excellence For All.

  • SCORE Statement On 2017 NAEP Results

    April 10th, 2018 by

    Tennessee has sustained most of the state’s previous academic gains on the new Nation’s Report Card. While Tennessee remains among the states that have made the most progress since 2011, our students are not yet performing at the high levels Tennesseans want.

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