After SCORE convened the Future Ready Summit in 2018, we came away strengthened in our resolve to ensure that all Tennessee students find successful pathways to succeed in life. To cement the relationships established at that summit, SCORE launched the Classroom to Career newsletter, a monthly compilation of news highlighting efforts to reimagine college and career readiness — from looking at suggestions to improve the high school experience to examining ways to improve outcomes for rural students in Tennessee.

Following a merger last year with Complete Tennessee, SCORE’s advocacy work expanded beyond the K-12 education space to include postsecondary and career success for students. As our advocacy efforts have expanded, so, too, has the work of another SCORE initiative. The Expect More Achieve More coalition began as a way to build support among Tennesseans for high expectations in the classroom and the use of assessment to measure progress. But as more and more jobs require a postsecondary degree or certificate, Expect More Achieve More became a voice for topics like reimagining the high school experience and removing barriers to postsecondary completion.

To best capture the spirit of this work and be a strong voice for student success in life and career, Expect More Achieve More has a new look and a new name: Classroom To Career. Just like Expect More Achieve More, Classroom To Career will advocate for high expectations, measuring progress, and holding ourselves accountable for student success, but it will also be a strong voice for policies that ensure student success in life and career. From improving early literacy to supporting college completion in innovative ways and closing equity gaps that hold some students back, Classroom To Career will boldly lead the charge for Tennessee students.

Our goal is an education system that is aligned, seamless, and supportive of students from the day they enter the kindergarten classroom until the day they start their careers. Classroom To Career will advocate for policies that remove barriers, increase opportunities, and give Tennessee students the tools and support they need to succeed in college, career, and life.

Join our online community for the latest news on education policies and practices that affect student success. Follow @ClassToCareerTN on Twitter and Facebook. If you’re not already a subscriber, sign up for the monthly Classroom To Career newsletter. Let’s work together to build a community of citizens who are successful in their careers and thriving in their communities.

Diane Hughes is communications manager at SCORE.