Dear Friends, 

Next week, the State Collaborative on Reforming Education (SCORE) will release an important report that shares a collective vision for progress and priorities for Tennessee through the year 2025. The SCORE team has engaged and listened to almost 1,700 Tennesseans from across the state to understand what diverse stakeholders believe should be the next steps for our state’s students.

Overwhelmingly, we heard a clear consensus that Tennesseans want nothing but excellence and innovation for our students. Tennessee has experienced remarkable progress in student achievement over the past decade, including becoming the fastest-improving state on the Nation’s Report Card in 2013. This success has spurred even higher aspirations. Tennesseans want our students to be considered among the best in the nation and the world.

To achieve the dreams Tennesseans have for all of our students, we need to set priorities and work collaboratively and collectively to ensure academic achievement continues to advance in our state.

In response to the feedback from Tennesseans, SCORE has developed a list of priorities for K-12 education and compiled a report, Excellence For All: How Tennessee Can Lift Our Students To Best In the Nation. This report is grounded in goals already set by SCORE and in the Tennessee Succeeds strategic plan while looking farther into the future. The findings will help set a foundation for discussions of education issues during the 2018 campaign and the subsequent transition in state government in a good understanding of the past and the shared vision about the best way forward for students.

I look forward to sharing the report and its priorities on November 29. Our students deserve to continue the unprecedented progress in academic achievement to make this the best state for student success.

Very truly yours,