Alyssa directs SCORE’s policy work including the development of SCORE’s statewide policy agenda, communicating with diverse stakeholders on relevant policy developments both locally and nationally, leading the development of SCORE’s annual State of Education in Tennessee report, and collaborating with other policy experts throughout the state and around the nation to better inform SCORE’s work in Tennessee. Before joining SCORE, Alyssa was the Chief Executive Officer of Teach Twice, a social venture that publishes children’s literature from around the world to promote cultural understanding and international literacy development. Alyssa also spent time working at the macro and micro-levels of the education systems in South Africa and Uganda on issues related to teacher training and curriculum development. Alyssa began her career in education as a 4th grade teacher in Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools. Originally from Ohio, Alyssa moved to Nashville to pursue her bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education at Vanderbilt University and went onto complete a Masters in International Education Policy and Management at Vanderbilt University.