Project M.O.S.T. (Men of Southwest Tennessee) offers hands-on mentorship and a variety of additional supports for Black male students at Southwest Tennessee Community College to help them complete college and realize career and life success.

In this week’s Friday’s Focus, David Mansouri and Kariem-Abdul Salaam discuss how Project M.O.S.T. is improving college retention and completion rates among Black male students at Southwest Tennessee Community College.

National studies reveal that statistically, college success rates among Black male students are much lower than those of other ethnic groups and/or gender groups. This is not acceptable. Every segment of our state and society must be prepared to support our future workforce needs and ensure Tennesseans can achieve a rewarding career and fulfilling life.

Watch this episode to learn:

  • The incredible growth in retention and completion rates among Project M.O.S.T. students
  • How an “appreciative/intrusive” case management model is impacting lives
  • Why “words” matter
  • What a personal approach to mentoring Black male college students looks like
  • How accepting curiosity in students supports their creativity
  • How an entrepreneurial approach to college helps students succeed
  • Why it’s oftentimes better to learn from others’ experiences instead of our own