Dear Friends,

Military Impact LogoA strong education touches all facets of society. Schools mold students, but those students then become doctors, farmers, soldiers, business owners, and citizens of tomorrow. From healthcare to the economy, K-12 education affects the vitality of diverse fields of industry and the community at large.  Education is not just an end in itself, it is also a way to secure the prosperity of communities across Tennessee.

In that vein, SCORE will host the Education Impact Series, a series of events to highlight the deep connections between education and critical public policy areas in Tennessee – military, agriculture, health, economic growth, and criminal justice. On Friday, December 16, SCORE will convene the first of the series, “Protecting Our Future: How K-12 Student Achievement Impacts the Military and National Security.” This event will gather military and education leaders to examine the intersection between military readiness and education.

There is a strong connection between military readiness and education, especially around the issue of improving student achievement. While many Tennessee students might aspire to a military career, too many are held back by insufficient knowledge or skills. A representative sample from 2004-2009 showed about one in four applicants failed to score high enough to enter the Army.  Other students will meet minimum entry-level requirements, but, as SCORE Director of Outreach Taylor Hall writes in a SCORE Sheet blog, “They have restricted opportunities for professional growth due to low academic performance.” As Tennessee prepares all students for their future, we should not overlook preparing students for success in the military.

Similarly, Tennessee education should support all students, including the 40,000 students from military families living in Tennessee. Understanding the unique backgrounds of these students can help the state provide a quality education, better tailored to their needs to supporting our military families as they support our communities through their service.

These are just a few of the ways education and military readiness converge in Tennessee. I invite you to learn more and join us on December 16 at the SCORE Impact Series on Military Readiness. Please RSVP to obtain a free ticket for admission.

The SCORE Education Impact Series aims to inform and inspire action to advance greater K-12 student achievement in Tennessee. By working across fields to improve Tennessee education and open more doors for all students, we are also working toward the future security and success of our state and our country.

Very truly yours,