How have you seen schools and communities rising to the challenge of improving student outcomes in rural communities?

Last year, SCORE held the Southeast Regional Rural Education Summit to bring together educators, administrators, policymakers, and other stakeholders for two days of engaging sessions to highlight best practices and influence regional and national policy. We want to hear from you about innovative work happening in rural communities to improve student outcomes.

For example, The University of Tennessee Martin in rural West Tennessee partnered with WestStar to help middle school students understand the personal value of a postsecondary education and spark a desire in them to attend college:

SCORE wants to hear from you about how rural communities are rising to educational challenges in ways that are aligned with Transforming The Rural South: A Roadmap to Improving Rural Education. You can submit your story by doing one of the following:

  • Emailing a photo and a brief summary to
  • Tweeting your summary and a link to your photo using the hashtag “#ruralinnovation.”
  • Uploading your photo and summary to your personal Facebook profile, and tagging SCORE.
  • Posting your photo and summary on the SCORE Facebook page, and tagging yourself (required) and your school (optional).
  • Leaving a comment on this blog post, including your summary and a link to your photo.

On July 25, SCORE will publish the top three stories on The SCORE Sheet and encourage readers to vote on their favorite entries through a Facebook poll. The top selection will be recognized with a $100 gift card for Donors Choose.

The Rise to the Challenge Campaign will continue to spread awareness of sustained momentum in the state education reform movement and spark discussion around innovative ideas and processes.