At Maryville High School the focus is on producing exceptionally well-rounded students who are prepared for all opportunities that may arise in post-secondary education and the workforce.

Students at Maryville High, a 2013 SCORE Prize finalist, are encouraged to enroll in as many AP and honors courses as possible and a unique backwards-planned class selection process allows teachers to recommend students for the courses that will challenge them most. Extensive support for students with special needs, including a strong peer tutoring program, ensure that no child is left behind.

Because of a collaborative environment in which teachers problem solve and learn from one another, Maryville students have achieved high EOC SCOREs and an ACT average of 24. Maryville’s focus on college and career readiness is a model for schools around the state and continues pushing students to greater heights in high school and beyond.

See more of Maryville High’s work in this video prepared for the 2013 SCORE Prize.