For many students, high school isn’t just about what one learns, it’s also about finding one’s path. The teachers and administrators at Oak Ridge High School, a 2013 SCORE Prize Finalist, understand that and make it a goal to educate the whole student and help their students discover what they’re most passionate about.

For Oak Ridge High, this starts with teachers—selecting, training, and mentoring the best teachers who are passionate about facilitating student learning. Teachers focus on building bridges to college and career through programs that expose students to robotics, medicine, and business, in addition to bringing scientists and engineers into the school to work one-on-one with students twice weekly. This holistic approach has led to exceptional EOC results and an AP exam passing rate of 81%. Oak Ridge High School is achieving its goal of creating confident students and citizens prepared for the challenges of the future.

Learn more about Oak Ridge High in this video prepared for the 2013 SCORE Prize.