Dear Friends,

All across Tennessee, students and teachers are focusing on going back to school. Families are filling backpacks with notebooks, pencils, and pens, while students get to know their schedules. Teachers and school leaders are working tirelessly to prepare their classrooms and themselves for the new season of learning.

bus blue sky 8-2014

The start of the school year offers a clean slate and a fresh beginning to the work of ensuring our students’ academic success. It is a perfect time for all of us – parents, teachers, school leaders, and members of the community – to reflect on supporting Tennessee students in the coming year.

Students are experiencing learning in new and exciting ways. They are being asked to show their work, solve problems, and demonstrate their understanding in meaningful ways.

The hard work of teachers is helping students rise to the challenge of higher expectations. New ways of teaching are leading to sharper reasoning and communication skills. Educators are helping students become strong critical thinkers so they are as prepared for college and career as any students across the United States.

Principals and superintendents are helping draw the map for the journey to academic success for all and are using data-informed decision-making to produce a supportive atmosphere where students can thrive.

And finally, community members are supporting great teachers, strong school leaders, and high expectations to help advance student learning. We all must advocate for stronger schools in order to build a stronger future for our students, our workforce, and our state.

I hope you are all as excited about the coming school year as we are here at SCORE. We believe this school year is beginning another year of ground-breaking growth and progress for Tennessee students.

Very truly yours,

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