Education is changing daily in Tennessee, and SCORE communicates regularly about these developments with stakeholders, educators, parents, and the public at large.

2021 Education Priorities: A Progress Report On COVID-19 Response

With the first session of the 112th General Assembly now closed, it’s the perfect time to reflect on progress made in each of the four priority areas outlined in SCORE’s 2021 State of Education Report. One priority — to recover and reorient education systems in response to COVID-19 — was addressed during a January special session with the General Assembly passing legislation to extend learning time for students, ensure the state collects comparable summative state assessment data, and stabilize funding.


What Matters: Supporting Student Success During The Legislative Session

Three years ago, SCORE expanded its mission to encompass student success from kindergarten to career. At the end of this year’s legislative session, we see that Tennessee has advanced policy across the education continuum. In short, this session produced a lot of wins for students, including a strong COVID-19 recovery plan for students and institutions, wider college and career readiness opportunities, and a smoother path from high school to degrees and credentials.